VirtualHosts made easy for Apache on Windows

Automatically detects and integrates with XAMPP and WAMP

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  • A smart GUI for Apache virtualhosts
  • Host just one or multiple websites. It's easy!
  • Quick! Only a minimal number of clicks necessary
  • Designed to integrate with XAMPP and WAMP

What the real Edd Mann says!

Edd Mann

"I've been playing with it for the past couple of days now and I've really enjoyed it... a really interesting product!"

- Edd Mann, Co-Host of Three Devs and a Maybe podcast
HOSTSignalz is the #1 solution for creating virtualhosts for Apache on the Windows platform. It's especially designed for web developers and designers. Unlike other Apache GUI for virtualhosts, HOSTSignalz is smart. You can even work with different versions of Apache on your computer and easily switch between the them. HOSTSignalz will automagically detect the Apache version and convert your virtualhosts.
What can HOSTSignalz do?
  • Host a website with just a couple clicks. Really.
  • Automatically configures your Apache web server
  • Automatically makes entries in Window's hosts file
  • Automatically detects and integrates with WAMP and XAMPP, seamlessly.

What the Fake Bill Gates would say!

Bill Gates

"HOSTSignalz is a pain free way to develop multiple web sites on your local PC using Apache for Windows. I'll never go back to hand-editing all those virtualhost configuration files again."

- Bill Gates, Chairman of the Board

What the real Morgan Bondurant says!

Morgan Bondurant

" I like having the option of working on any platform (mac os, linux, windows) for my web projects. HostSignalz allows me to quickly test my web site builds on my windows machine. The setup is easy and I don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining my dev ops "

- Morgan Bondurant, Owner - Jackson Web Works
What else?
  • Start, Stop, or Restart Apache
  • Auto www. a site with our quick-alias checkbox
  • Double-click an entry in the website list to open in a browser
  • Easily view Apache access and error logs


What the Fake Steve Ballmer would say!

Steve Ballmer

" The best thing about HOSTSignalz is the amount of time saved when setting up local dev websites. It only takes a couple of clicks to point Apache at a folder containing my HTML/CSS and code. "

- Steve Ballmer, President Emeritus
Yeah but does it do SSL?
  • You bet it does!
  • Enable SSL / HTTPS for your virtualhosts
  • One-Click generates, installs, and enables SSL / HTTPS! Yeah, just one click.
What if I need more control?
  • Advanced settings for getting into the nitty gritty
  • Enter custom virtualhost directives
  • Enter custom directory directives
  • Enable / Disable any virtualhost from the config
  • Named or IP-Address based virtualhosts
  • View your virtualhosts config
  • Flush DNS cache
  • Export your virtualhosts config
  • Switch between different versions of Apache and watch your virtualhosts auto-reconfigure

What the Fake Paul Allen would say!

Paul Allen

"It's my long standing policy to buy nothing but the best. And when it comes to developing websites using Apache for Windows, HOSTSignalz stands out as authentic, quality software."

- Paul Allen, Co-founder