HOSTSignalz Beta

Beta-testing Guidance

Firstly, thank you for your expressed interest in helping beta-test HOSTSignalz. I am truly grateful for your help in making HOSTSignalz better. Secondly, everyone providing any feedback will receive a free (1 year) license.

In addition, signing up for the beta program will get you early access to new HOSTSignalz features and releases. When a new beta is ready, you'll be notified via email with a link to the new release.

Feedback Methods

  • Click the Feedback icon on the toolbar in HOSTSignalz. This will open and auto-address an email to

  • Email to

  • Tweet (or DM) @hostsignalz

Feedback on any of the below would be especially appreciated.

Screenshots would be fantastic :)

  • any errors encountered, of course
  • initial install
    • was your apache/php installation correctly detected
    • state of your machine
      • did you already have apache, php, wamp, xampp or similar installed
      • what version OS, browser
  • SSL
    • create an https site
      • with/without correct folder paths
      • with/without a php installation
  • licensing
    • test to see if your license expiration date change after auto-updates run
    • try to hack things (if you like)
      • license file manipulation, etc.
  • features
    • what does it not have that it needs
    • what does it have that it does not need
  • usability experience
    • jarring user experiences
    • work flow changes needed
    • what was pleasantly surprising
    • what's your favorite feature
  • general bugs
    • where does it fail, where does it fail silently