The easiest way to create and manage virtualhosts for Apache on Windows


So, what is it?

Well, we feel like it's the best-in-class tool for website designers and developers using Apache on Windows. It's the perfect solution for working with multiple websites on your personal computer. Of course, there's a chance we could be biased.

Our Philosophy

Do one thing and do it well.. the traditional Unix Philosophy. Our one aim is to be the best tool for creating and managing virtual hosts for Apache on Windows. And that second part of the Unix Philosophy.. compliment the other tools in your toolbox, is why we've written HOSTSignalz to work with WAMP and XAMPP, as well as native Apache and PHP installations.


  • Windows PC, Vista or later
  • Apache v2.2 or later
  • Optionally PHP v5.x or later


  • XAMPP, WAMP or a Native Apache and PHP installation
  • Designer or Developer with a willing heart and an able mind